Year 5 /6 Swimming Gala

On Monday Pioneer, took two teams to the Ringmer Cluster Schools Swimming Gala. A team from Chiddingly and a team from East Hoathly competed against each other and four other schools in our local area.

The swimmers from Year 5 & 6 competed in individual 25 Metre swims, individual 75 Metre swims and team relays of 75 and 100 metres, using different swimming techniques. The teams were split into two heats and then then the races were timed and put into fastest order. These scores were then added together to work out the winning team.

Our team of swimmers showed an exceptional level of sportsmanship cheering on their team mates, swimmers from East Hoathly and other swimmers in the pool. They also showed how they have developed their growth mind sets in trying something new and giving their best efforts. As a school and team this is the first swimming gala many of them have ever attended.

As a team Chiddingly came 3rd and the pupils have a new found interest in swimming competitively. As a teacher on pool side I was so proud of how our children stepped up to the competition and thankful to our parents for supporting us with loud cheers and providing travel arrangements which allowed the children to take part!

Well Done Team!