World Mental Health Day 2019


Oak Class had a circle time where they talked about what makes them happy and what makes them sad.

'People when they're kind make me happy'. Charlotte

'Funny things make me happy...I like to laugh!' Wilf


Beech Class looked at a Kandinsky painting and found out how he used colours to express feelings. They then made their own.


In Willow, we spent time exploring what mental health is and found out it was 'looking after your mind as well as your body.' We then thought of ways of looking after our minds and we practised mindful breathing and yoga. We learnt that breathing is really helpful to get rid of negative thoughts and a great way to get our body calm as we learnt that our mind affects our behaviour.


Sycamore Class discussed coping strategies and made matchboxes with coping strategies inside to remind us how we could cope with certain emotions.