Willow Forest School Update

On Wednesday, Willow class were lucky enough to spend a beautiful afternoon in the forest! Thanks to Miss Pitt and Mrs Taylor, we were able to go into the forest and the children thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon!

It seemed a highlight was the very gooey, muddy walk into the forest and going through the stream!
After a few rounds of hide and seek, the children got busy with lots of different activities.
Mr Skinner helped the children set up the slack line over the river and set the challenge of crossing it without falling in! Ryan needed up getting pretty soggy!

The children also made some amazing natural shelters or got busy with palm drills making some beautiful jewellery out of acorns which they are going to carry on with next week, trying to find other items to thread!

George D and Floyd made an amazing bridge over a small stream and George S made an amazing shelter all by himself, using techniques he’d seen on a survival programme on TV!

Well done, Willow class! It was a really fantastic afternoon.

Next week we are hoping to cook over the fire, so any extra helpers would be hugely appreciated!
Thanks again to our wonderful parent helpers today!