Wellbeing Day


During wellbeing day Oak class talked about what makes us happy and we thought about all of the things we are grateful for. We got a big role of paper and filled it with some beautiful drawings that show everyone what makes Oak class happy.


On Wellbeing day Beech spent time looking at ‘zones of regulation’ and how we can describe the way we feel using colours. This built on from our learning at the beginning of term linking to The Colour Monster. We made our own colour gauges for our feelings, acted out different scenarios and decided what would be the best way to manage our feelings. We made some ‘feelings catchers’ to help use share our fears and know how to deal with them. We also looked at how to keep our body healthy as well as our mind. We learnt about how to be safe around medicine and reminded ourselves about the number 999! We learnt how to help each other and thought of some words to describe how amazing we all are, we then used these to write about ourselves! We ended the day with mindfulness and learnt some great ways to use our breathing techniques!


Willow Class enjoyed Wellbeing Day on Thursday. They learnt about the Zones of Regulation model where they learnt to put their emotions into a coloured section, then they learnt what to do to deal with them. They painted their emotion faces with the colour that the emotion represented. They also learnt about how to deal with emergencies in their first aid lesson. They looked at some scenarios, then dis-cussed in groups what they would do.


Sycamore had a great day for Wellbeing Day. They did various activities in the morning, including doing some gentle exercise and finished the day off with Forest School where they spent a lot of time doing quiet activities which gave them the opportunity to reflect and think.