Water & Food at Forest School

On Wednesday afternoon, Sycamore went out for Forest School and this week their focus was a mix between water and food!

Thanks to the survival skills of Ashten, Megan, Amie and Kai (and their very sturdy rain-trap that they built last week!) there was plenty of water ready to be purified and boiled ready for hot chocolate. The children used fabric to filter away all the bits of dirt and then put in water purifying tablets to kill off any germs. Then we boiled the water on the fire (expertly built and lit by Amy F and Chanelle) ready for hot chocolate to warm us up! Even through the sun was shining, it was still quite chilly. Marshmallows were also needed to give us a sugar boost!

While the children weren’t enjoying cooking around the fire, they got busy with Mrs Filkin and Mrs Barnett making bows and arrows! Thanks to Mr Barnett for providing some sticks of hazel, we were able to use knives to whittle a groove into the bow and wrap string around them, ready for some target practice next week! We are hoping to go into the forest next week to finish off the bows and arrows and set up some targets, so if any extra parents are around to come and support us, it would be very much appreciated!

Thank you for a fab afternoon, Sycamore!