Victorian Day

On Thursday 10th November, Sycamore class had a Victorian day when they dressed up and took part in a typical Victorian style school day. Their lessons included learning the ‘Three Rs – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic’ which were mostly learnt through rote – repeating things over and over again! If an answer was given incorrectly, or a teacher thought a pupil was being rude, they were severely told off and sent to the corner to face the wall. In extreme circumstances, children had to wear the Dunce’s cap to make sure everyone knew they had been foolish – Jorin even had to wear it to assembly!

The boys and girls had to sit separately and took part in different lessons as the Victorians believed different skills were needed for boys and girls. The girls practiced their needlework skills and the boys did technical drawing. They had to work in silence at all times and absolutely no questions were permitted!

By lunchtime, Sycamore class were asking if they could please go back to school in 2016 as being a child in Victorian times was not as fun as they initially thought!

Thank you to parents for their support in the dressing up – the children looked amazing!
Huge well done to Sycamore children for their enthusiasm in taking part in all the activities and making the day full of giggles!