Traps to Capture and Soak the Gruncher

This week, Willow class had their final Forest School session of the term. We finished reading ‘The Minpins’ which included a lovely description of the Gruncher (the evil dragon) finally being defeated!

We found out a Gruncher can only be beaten by pouring water on it so we designed our own traps to capture and soak the Gruncher! We all had really different ideas but they were all really creative and made great use of the materials that can be found in the forest! Ashleigh and Nicole even dug their own pit for the Gruncher to fall into! Harrison and Harvey made a trap with a tree that, when triggered, would get the Gruncher tangled up! Some of the children had great fun pretending to be the Gruncher and ending up getting a bit wet from the traps!

Well done, Willow Class, for really fantastic and respectful behaviour and incredibly creative ideas! Thank you very much to Mr Hinder, Mr Ottoway and Mr Barnett who came to help – it is so appreciated.