Sycamore’s First Session

This week, Sycamore went for their first Forest School session of the year. They came really well prepared for the showers we had but rain doesn’t stop Forest School! We went into the woods and chose different activities, depending on whether it was raining or not as all tool work stops in the rain.

After a few rounds of very competitive Hide-and-Seek, the children got busy! Ruby, Chanelle, Kayley and Amy Farrell made an incredible den, complete with rope swing, washing line, cooker and windows! This inspired other groups to have a go at den building and they too were very successful!

Some of the others set to work on using palm drills to make an assortment of different crafts. Rhys and Orla made holes in acorns and threaded them onto string to create jewellery and Helbert begun to make a mobile with different natural items for decoration. Orla and Grace joined Forest School for the first time and were really resilient to any challenges and got into the spirit of braving the weather – well done, girls!

Sycamore, you were brilliantly behaved and listened really carefully to instructions. Keep it up!