Stick Village

Beech Class had a fantastic time at Forest School session this week. We went into the forest and were all amazed at how light it was in the forest now all the leaves have come off the trees.

The children had great fun creating huge leaf piles and then made these into little dens for the stick men they created. They had to show resilience and perseverance making their stick men as they had to search for the right sticks and then create their arms, legs and some children even gave them funky hair-dos! When they had finished their stick men or women, some of the children made pets for their stick men – we had dogs, swans and even a pet dinosaur! Jack, Callum, Violet, Neo and Lacey made ‘The Family Tree’ den with their stick men – very imaginative! The children then decided they wanted all their dens to be a part of a ‘Stick Village’ and made paths from their dens to everybody else’s! William and Ryan even put in a roundabout!

Well done, Beech Class – you showed how creative and enthusiastic you are!

Thank you so much to the parents who came in – we couldn’t have done it without you.