Slacklining & Conker Fights

For Forest School this week, Sycamore had a fantastic time in the woods. They were keen to have another go at slacklining and, thanks to Mr Hinder’s and Mr Ottoway’s supervision and encouragement, the children became even more confident on it – some of them trying it without holding onto any shoulders or hands! After seeing their amazing shelters they created using tarpaulins the other week, I set the children a challenge of creating dens using only natural materials! They rose to this challenge and created really beautiful and imaginative shelters. Their creativity in what they could use instead of rope and sheets was very impressive and the children were very proud of them.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Autumn without some conker fights! The children used palm drills to make holes through the conkers and tied them onto string. As competitive as Sycamore children can be, their games were very sensible and careful with some clever tactics coming into play from Rhys, Jack, Helbert and Thomas! Well done again, Sycamore, for fantastic behaviour! So many of you made a real effort to ensure everyone had something to do and felt included.