Safety in Action

The Year 6s had a fantastic morning last Friday at Safety in Action at Bowles Outdoor Centre. There were 9 activities for them to rotate round; each one focused on a different area of safety. The children were split into two groups and were given a score out of 20 for each activity. The activities included making a 999 call to report a fire; using ‘beer goggles’ to see the effects of alcohol; rescuing someone from a lake or river; doing CPR and identifying dangers on a farm. The children also did an exercise
on ‘Stranger Danger’ which they learnt a lot from as both groups failed this exercise and all spoke to someone who was pretending to be a stranger! The children were fantastically behaved and gave some brilliant answers to the questions they were asked.

Well done, Year 6! You represented our school so well and put all your effort into each activity!