Oak Newsletter Term 5 – ‘Glorious Growing’

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Dear Parents,

Welcome back, we hope you have a relaxing Easter break and are now ready for the first Summer Term.

Our topic is ‘Glorious Growing!’ During this term we will be looking at how things grow with a detailed look at seeds and then exploring different fruits and vegetables. We will be using stories to immerse ourselves in learning and to develop our writing.

Our key texts this term are:

Areas of Learning


Our focus in literacy this term is using our phonic knowledge to write stories using narrative language and adjectives.  In reading, our phonics knowledge, high frequency and tricky words will develop further and we will be talking about the events in the books we read and predicting what will happen next.


In maths we are going to secure our knowledge of addition and subtraction with the support of objects and beginning to estimate and count in 2s, 5s and 10s. Alongside this, we will be exploring shapes and measures around the school.

The main part of the topic will focus on growing, plants and the world around us, through practical activities and forest school.

To develop our personal social and emotional skills we are going to think about how we show feelings to each other, through exploring the feelings of Jack and the Giant from our focus text.

Understanding the World

Throughout the term, we will be finding out about healthy foods and planting seeds to make observations and discoveries about growing.

We will be having a visit from Mr Broccoli during this term who will teach us about healthy foods and cooking.

Home Learning

We would like to thank you all for your effort with last terms home learning tasks including reading with your children.


Please read with your child regularly, even if it is a home or library book. At this stage it is really helpful to discuss the stories that you read and use story language such as, character, setting, beginning, middle and end.

Could you think about the characters you like? Why do you like them?

Letters and Sounds

We have sent home High Frequency Word Lists for the children to focus on; they need to be able to read these on sight. Please focus on the five words that are marked on the list. Once the children can read these we will cross them off and mark new ones so that they always have five at any one time. Please do not mark on these sheets at home. If your child has misplaced theirs, please ask for a replacement.

Delicious Home Challenges!

You might like to choose one of the following activities to try with an adult at home. You can bring these into school whenever they are finished to share with your class.

  • Make a fruity snack and write the recipe for your friends, having a go at sounding out the words by yourself.
  • Plant different seeds and take photos as you watch them grow.
  • Design a healthy menu or packed lunch.
  • When you visit the shops have a go at paying and working out which coins you need to use.
  • Exploring measuring of different objects in your house. Can you put them in size or height order and draw a picture? Could you write down the measurement?

 Websites and Links

Quick Reminders

  • Please can you make sure your child brings in a water bottle and their book bag each day.
  • Our PE days are Monday & Friday but PE kits should be in all week.
  • Sunhats are essential in the warmer weather when we are outside for longer periods of time. We are not permitted to apply sun cream to any child, so children must have it applied before they come to school.


Towards the end of term we will be having a class café, where you will be able to pop in for a drink and small snack, more details from the children will follow.

Mini Gardens

Could you please save any takeaway trays or ice cream tubs as we will be designing and creating miniature gardens.

We hope you all have a lovely fifth term supporting the children in their learning. Please do not hesitate to come and speak to us if necessary.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Winchester

Home Learning Challenge!

To help your child win 5 extra house points, find out which are the smallest and largest seeds in the world and bring the answers in to school! Good luck!