Pond Area Update

The pond pergola area is finally finished after weeks of hard work which means the outdoor classroom now has shading and a firm surface. We look forward to utilising this area shortly. A massive thank you needs to go to Tesco and the National Lottery for the funding. A massive thank you also Mr Forsey, Mr Hinder, Mr Bennett, Mrs Champion and Mr  Herdman — they have all given their own time to complete this project. We also need to say thank you to R W Green tree surgeons and Forest Tree Surgeons for providing all the bark chippings that were used for the base of the outside classroom. Over the past three years we have seen the pond area transform into the beautiful space we now have. Our pond still suffers from duck weed but Mr Herdman managed to source a lot of free pond plants so we are hoping this helps create more balance to the water so the children are able to pond dip more easily. Please make sure you vote for us at Tesco in either Hailsham store as the more money we receive the greater our plans are for the next development of both the garden and pond areas next year.