PAL Assembly

On Wednesday 13th February, children took part in a Progress and Learning assembly. The children brought their books to the assembly and they all sat with someone from a different year group to share what they had learnt so far this year.

Orla and Ria discussed what progress means and said, “Progress means that you improve your writing and in your work. Progress also means you might not be able to do something at the beginning of the year but now you can.”

Amber in Willow said, “Elijah has improved in his writing!”

Megan in Sycamore said, “I am proud because Lucy got all her answers right in maths.”
George said, “I found some beautiful work of Freddie’s. He had to make the diamond bigger and it was very beautiful.”

Summer in Sycamore said, “I didn’t use semi colons at the beginning of the year but now I can. Also, Vinnie’s improved his writing so it is so much clearer.”#

Chloe said, “Molly wasn’t using capital letters at the start of her book but now she can.”