Mexico Day

This week, we have enjoyed our latest International Day, learning about Mexico. Oak and Beech Classes joined together and Willow and Sycamore also worked together to learn about different aspects of life and culture in Mexico.

During the day, the younger children made traditional Mexican paper flower art and decorated their own sombreros and ponchos. They also used Google Earth to find Mexico and talk about what the weather might be like there by looking at the land. Alongside this, there were a selection of Mexican foods for the children to taste and then describe. There were lots of different opinions on which was the tastiest!

In Key Stage Two, the groups carried out work about the Day of the Dead Celebration and designed some pieces of art. They also developed their culinary skills by making their own guacamole and salsa which they ate with Nachos! Factfiles were also completed following research online.
It was great to see the learning that took place during the day and good to listen to the children sharing their opinions on the different activities that they tried.

“I loved making the giant Mexico flag with the paper,” said Sienna Rose.

“I really liked trying the foods. I loved the Mango and the two sauces but I didn’t like refried beans. The inside tasted weird!”