Mathematics Day

On Tuesday 16th January, we had Mathematics Day. We felt that the children needed to gain more confidence with working with and solving problems linked to fractions. Each class focussed on this and we had a whole day of fractions activities. Year R concentrated on finding wholes and halves while Year 1 and 2 started to explore quarters of shapes. Year 3 and 4 did some cross curricular activities involving designing their own flags. They were able to work out what fraction of each colour they had. Year 5 and 6 independently chose what they needed to practice and worked on it. This included looking at comparing and finding equivalent fractions; multiplying and dividing fractions; adding and subtracting fractions! In the afternoon, they created a fruit salad – measuring out according to different ratios.

In the afternoon, the whole school got to together for the House Team Quiz! The children had to work out mathematics questions but if they got stuck they could ask a friend on their team or a team member in the audience.