Making Fire!

Sycamore had their second Forest School session of the term this week and their focus was fire! This is linked in with their topic of Survival.

The children were in groups of 8 and, in pairs, were provided with an aluminium tin, some char-cloth, a fire steel and some wood. Mr Groves kindly brought the char-cloth and a huge selection of wood shavings which acted as great kindling. The children’s challenge was to light a fire and keep it going for as long as possible. Simon and Fin were very quick to keep it going and did well at saving some of their resources so the fire lasted a long time. Seth and Ella spent a long time trying to get their fire lit (not sure I’ve ever seen more determination!) and were very proud when they managed it!

The children soon learnt that if they blew gently and steadily on embers, it wasn’t long before they got a flame again. The children were rewarded for their hard work with a hot chocolate around the big fire, made in our brand new kettle!

While they were waiting to have a go with fire, the children either pond dipped or created rain water traps in preparation for next week’s session: water.

Thank you, as always, to our fantastic parent helpers – it is so great to have your involvement in our sessions!