Learning Charter

  • Use our learning powers and success criteria to help us understand and move forward with
    our learning.
  • Ensure that our learning matters to us.
  • Learning will be exciting and we will be curious to find out more.
  • Develop our growth mindset and use high level thinking to extend learning and challenge
  • Respond to our marking and ways forward and improve our learning.
  • Choose and use the equipment in our classroom to help us extend and support our learning.
  • Working together, showing respect for others to reach the high challenges.

Independent Me

As part of our Growth  Mindset Initiative, we are also launching our Independent Me concept this term. This is aimed at developing the resilience and independence of pupils at Pioneer Schools, enabling them to apply their skills and understanding further.

There are 4 areas, all with their own icon. These will be displayed in classrooms and around the schools.