In the Orchard and Around the Pond

Beech class were lucky enough to spend a beautiful sunny day up in the orchard and around the pond on Wednesday. The children who didn’t go pond dipping last time had the opportunity to do this with Mrs Filkin and Miss Pitt.

Freya, Archie S and Molly helped Miss Hare get the fire going and then all the children roasted marshmallows. While they were doing this, the children also filled up the kettle so they could make some hot chocolate! All the children were very excited to do this and enjoyed sitting round the fire circle, drinking hot chocolate and eating marshmallows! Michael suggested we all tell each other stories and entertained us with some jokes! Some of the children chose to make dens again and had a lovely afternoon playing in the sunshine. Well done, Beech class, your behaviour was excellent and lots of you showed some real growth mindset when trying to light the fire!