Harvest Festival at Chiddingly Church

We were so pleased to see so many children represent the school at Chiddingly Church's Harvest Festival on Sunday. The children read a Bible reading and some of their own prayers. Children from JAM club also showed some of the brilliant artwork they had created. Many thanks to the JAM club leaders for arranging this and to the children and their parents for giving up their Sunday morning. Well done!


Dear God, Thank you for our food like tomatoes, grapes and other vegetables and fruits. Thank you for the trees and bushes.

Thank you for our parents and carers who cook our food and the farmers who grow our food.
Please help the people who don’t have enough food. Amen


Dear God, I am thankful for my home and my parents, my apples and bananas, my drink and my breakfast, my clothes and my garden.

Please give food to people who need it. Amen


Dear God, Thank you for the good food and I hope everyone has a lovely harvest. Amen


Dear God, Thank you for our food. Thank you for my mum and dad. Thank you God. Please help the poor people who do not have food. Amen


Dear God, Thank you for the food and the plants that help us grow. Amen


Dear God, I am thankful for the apples and oranges and bananas and carrots and tomatoes. Amen


Dear God, At Harvest, the farmers grow food like tomatoes, carrots and bananas.

Thank you for the farmers. Amen


Dear God, Thank you for creating this world. Thank you mum and dad for making me dinner. Amen.