Growth Mindset Day

Last week, we continued with our learning of what Growth Mindset is and we held our Growth Mindset Day on Friday 16th September. We completed challenges that were really tricky and remembered that even if we found it hard, we had to keep going and keep trying to work out the answer.

We held a workshop for parents on Friday, thank you to those who were able to come. The key messages from the workshop were:

  • To ensure that we all praise children for their EFFORT rather than their ACHIEVEMENT, as this encourages children to continue to try hard in all areas of learning.
  • There is nothing that you can’t do. Only things that you can’t do YET

We’ve seen the children’s mindsets begin to shift from fixed to growth and have been celebrating their efforts in school. If your child demonstrates a growth mindset in their lives outside of school, please share it with your child’s teacher so that it can be celebrated in school.

We are celebrating one child each week for using their growth mindset to extend their learning in school. This child will receive a certificate in assembly and be celebrated in the newsletter.
Well done to Georg Danielsen for being our first Tough Turtle for last Week!