General Information


Our exciting, broad and balanced curriculum is developed through a 2 year cycle for each cohort. Each term has a focussed cross-curricular topic, lasting 5-7 weeks. Before each topic begins, teachers find out what pupils already know and what they would like to find out about. Teachers use this information to influence their planning of the topics.

Each curriculum map is divided into 3 sections.

  • Intent – defining the topic overview and sequence of subjects.
  • Implementation – listing the National Curriculum skills and planning linked to topics.
  • Impact – explaining the outcomes in knowledge gained from the topic.

Within the curriculum maps the Maths and Literacy units of work are also sequenced and the wide-ranging Literacy texts are listed.

‘Enrichment Days’, ‘Forest School’ and ‘Bespoke Curriculum Events’ are timetabled to further enrich our curriculum and enable us to cater for current global affairs and issues. See weekly newsletters and the ‘Curriculum Events’ and ‘Forest School’ tabs on the websites for evidence of these curriculum events.

Information about the National Curriculum can be found here.

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Content and Sequence

The Pioneer Curriculum Framework has been designed to ensure that all children, no matter their ability, background or starting point, are provided with the opportunity to build on learning term-on-term, year-on-year. Sequenced in order to ensure accumulative development, the themes allow for an abundance of local-area learning, centring on building foundations skills and understanding in key stage one.

This is particularly evident through the sequencing of history units: Foundations of historical language are built over the course of the two KS1 years, focusing on ‘time’ language and applying this to specific events. Children develop their understanding of timelines to build into future learning (e.g. to then be able to sequence events during Tudor times in LKS2 and World War 2 in UKS2, allowing them to fully explore and understand the concept of moving between periods of time and ‘ages’). For KS1, the sequence alternates between event/period-specific knowledge-gathering and general teaching of the understanding of time and eras. Through KS2, the history units are developed into longer studies to allow for deeper explorative learning about specific periods of history. These are sequenced through the years of 3 and 4 to allow for breaks in the deeper study to ensure the continued development of language and understanding of time through topics linked to change. This is heavily guided by the expected coverage as outlined in the History National Curriculum for KS1 and 2. The cross-curricular approach leads to many opportunities for facilitating bespoke multi-disciplinary learning; for example including the teaching of time-telling and skill in maths, era-specific music and art, and linking English texts, PSHE and MfL to further explore themes and develop understanding of concepts.

With a focus on the development of pupils’ skills and knowledge, the curriculum offers opportunities for deep learning of all curriculum areas, linking themes across subjects and curriculum areas. Numerous opportunities for enrichment within the design ensure that children are able to apply learning to ‘real life’, ensuring skills and knowledge are embedded and learning for life is achieved. Evaluative tools ensure all elements are refined and improved following pupil, parent and facilitator feedback, whilst still ensuring the core sequencing of knowledge and skills remain.

Impact and Knowledge-Gained

Each of the curriculum frameworks list the impact and knowledge-gained from each curriculum area, every term. This learning can be evidenced through children’s books and the experiences documented throughout the topic journey.

Newsletters, and the Curriculum events section of the website, will include statements from staff and children to demonstrate the new understanding gained from the variety of enrichment activities and experiences provided.

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