Forest School Update 18th October

This week, Willow Class did various team building games and exercises in the woodland. The first game they played, they had to balance bamboo sticks on their fingers in groups and gradually lower it down to the floor. It was quite tricky but they managed to do it!

The next game they played, they worked in pairs. One child was blindfolded and the other was their ‘protector’. Mrs Champion made a noise and the blindfolded child had to move towards the sound. The ‘protector’ had to make sure their partner was safe from tripping or bumping into anything!

The children then had free exploration. Some children did role playing, some built dens and others went bug hunting and made bug ‘hotels’.

The last activity of the day was a group team building task again. In groups, children had to work together to build secure and safe nests. Miss Waterman tested the nests by dropping an egg into it. All the nest were brilliantly made as none of eggs broke!

The whole class worked so well together!