Slacklining Over the River

This week, Sycamore spent a sunny afternoon in the Forest choosing their favourite activities. Mr Hinder and Mr Barnett kindly supervised the slacklining over the river, which was requested by some of the children the last time we used it. The children had great fun trying to run along the rope to get across the river – although most of them ended up getting soaked through failed attempts! Lil seemed to bring most of the river back to school in her wellies! Tommy managed it first time by running at quite some
speed along it!

Some of the children made amazing dens and have potential as interior designers, with some of their homes having kitchens, beds and toilets!

Mrs Filkin worked on some crafts with some children and they made some incredible woodland creatures and used knives to shape the wood to give the animals the features they needed. The children were so determined in this activity as it required a lot of concentration and patience to get the wood exactly how they wanted them. Kerry chose to decorate her crocodile with sharpies and drew some lovely detail to create scales. Well done Sycamore, really fantastic team-work and growth mindset attitude shown during this session! Keep it up!