E-Safety Day

Children from the Pioneer Federation took part in an E-Safety Day on Wednesday 7th February 2018. Andrew Gunn was invited into the Pioneer Federation to teach the children about how to be safe online. Andrew taught all year groups about the internet and its power. Andrew built on the children’s knowledge of the acronym ‘SMART’ and made them aware of how they can continue their safe practice online. The children made large Hector the Dolphins to display in their classroom to be there as a reminder of what to do with Hector (who swims in the top corner of every screen on a school curriculum laptop). A Hector is on display in each classroom to remind the children how they can be safe at all times when on the internet – whether at school or at home. Here are some photos of the great designs of Hector in the classrooms!

Children and young people are likely to be as good as, if not better than, their parents at using the Internet. However, being good at using technology does not mean they have the life-experience and wisdom to handle all of the situations they can come across.

Children and young people are prone to the same kinds of risks (including spam and scam emails, fraud and identity theft) as everybody else. However, there are also other, more sinister threats that may result from going online, such as inappropriate contact from people who may wish to abuse, exploit or bully them, and exposure to inappropriate material.

The parent forum was very informative; it opened my eyes to the possibilities of the internet. – Parent

We were learning to obey the ages of things like Snapchat.
Not everyone is who they say they are online.
Hector the Dolphin helps you keep safe online.
We’ve learnt that if you see something inappropriate, you link on Hector the Dolphin.
ICT is a great source of learning! – Pioneer Federation Pupils