Chinese New Year

Sycamore spent Friday 27th January celebrating Chinese New Year, furthering our learning based on our topic of the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China. We looked at how different cultures celebrated Chinese New Year around the world and then spent the morning doing activities. We split into our year groups and, spent half the morning creating crafts (like Chinese lanterns, fortune tellers and Chinese zodiac posters) and the other half preparing and cooking an amazing vegetable stir-fry! We then tried our best to eat the food with chop sticks…but it wasn’t very successful and most of us ended up eating with our hands!

In the afternoon, we picked a name out of the hat of someone in our class and we made traditional ‘money’ wallets and put sweets in them to give out at the end of the day. We didn’t know who had made our envelope until the very end of the day when we couldn’t keep the secret any longer!

Thank you to Mr Dowling, who came in to help for the morning and brought us some much needed supplies of red and yellow card!