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Explore beliefs and experience; respect faiths, feelings and values; enjoy learning about oneself, others and the surrounding world; use imagination and creativity; reflect.


Recognise right and wrong; respect the law; understand consequences; investigate moral and ethical issues; offer reasoned views.


Investigate and moral issues; appreciate diverse viewpoints; participate, volunteer and cooperate; resolve conflict; engage with the ‘British values’ of democracy, the rule of law, liberty, respect and tolerance.


Appreciate cultural influences; appreciate the role of Britain's parliamentary system; participate in culture opportunities; understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity.

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Anti-bullying Week 2019

Oak Class

Oak Class discussed what it means to be kind and how we show kindness to everyone around us. We discussed how our friends in our class are kind to us and the things that we do to include others.

We then created a ‘Kindness Heart’ as a class where we made an agreement to always be kind to each other. We chose a colour to paint our hand and then printed it onto the heart. We displayed it in our class so everyone can see that we think it’s important.

Beech Class

Beech Class watched a short Pixar animation ‘The Birds’ where a group of small birds tease and pick on a bigger bird. We discussed what unkind behaviours we saw in the film and used it to discuss what hurtful things the small birds did, and what they might have said to the big bird if they could talk. We then did an activity to show how hurtful words cannot be taken back and the effect that they have on someone can be long-lasting.

We also looked at some scenarios together as a class and discussed whether we thought they were bullying or not. In groups, we came up with solutions of what we could all do to help make the situations better.

Lastly, we created anti-bullying superheroes to show what changes we can all make to help stop bullying.

Willow Class

Willow Class focused on the kinds of words and the type of behaviour they would and wouldn’t like to hear. They shared and discussed their thoughts during PSHE circle time. We have created a rainbow of kind words and actions for display in our classroom.

Sycamore Class

For Anti-bullying week, Sycamore Class have learnt about and discussed this year’s slogan of ‘Change starts with us’ and how small changes make huge differences. We also focused in on the types of bullying and in particular cyber-bullying; the types of online bullying, recognising online bullying, the consequences and how to deal with it. Ending with the

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British Values Day 2019

A fun and enriching day was had by all last Friday, as the whole school paused to celebrate and learn about the British Values. It was wonderful to see the children arriving for school in their red, white and blue coloured clothes to represent the Union Jack flag, so thank you for all making such an effort! The children were organised into groups so that Beech and Oak classes worked together and Willow and Sycamore joined up. This meant that our groups could experience all of the workshops that the teachers had planned for the key stages.


We were given four possible topics to debate and each group democratically decided which area to choose. The children were then given the role of putting together all of the arguments for and against the debate so that a real discussion could take place. This then concluded with a free vote to see what the overall decision of the team was. In the assembly, children explained that the topic they chose was to debate whether animals should be kept in zoos and they presented their arguments.

Mutual Respect, Tolerance and Individual Liberty

We looked at what creates our own personal identities, whether this be our eye colour, a favourite hobby or a belief. The story of ‘It’s OK to be different’ by Todd Parr was used to begin these discussions. We compared them with our friends and spoke about how these differences don’t stop us from being friends or helping and caring for one another. We have to respect the choices of others and that it’s ok to have different opinions!

Rule of Law

With the help of the story ‘Goldilocks, we explored how we need to follow rules to ensure everybody is treated fairly. We looked at what could happen if we break rules and the difference in outcomes when we follow them. During the day, games were played where the rules were forgotten and of course, they ended in chaos! Very quickly, rules were discussed and put into place, making the point that when games are fair and rules are followed, everything is much more enjoyable!

Great Britain

Using Google Earth, we looked at the location of Great Britain and how it is a collection of islands. It was also interesting to see that the Union Jack is made up of all of the flags of the British Isles. Some of the children created their own maps, locating England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We then found where Chiddingly was within the British Isles and zoomed in on the school from above and could spot the playground and trim trail.


As a result of learning about the British Values, we have already seen the children demonstrating and applying their new knowledge in their classrooms and on the playground. The children really enjoyed learning about what helps create their identity and they now have a renewed respect for themselves as individuals, as well as for their peers and adults both in and out of school.

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PALs Assembly

On Monday, we held our termly PALs assembly (Progress and Learning) where we celebrated all of the fantastic learning which has taken place in Term 1. The children really enjoyed sitting with their friends in other classes and sharing their achievements. One of the wonderful things about this assembly is seeing children beam with pride when one of their peers recognised how their learning and skills had moved forward. It was great to listen in to the conversations that the children were having. We also recognised that the hundreds of books that began the term with empty pages, were now filled with a vast amount of learning experiences. Well done Team Chiddingly!

  • Olly could identify great writing — he is now using exclamation marks!
  • Lacey reflected on the objectives she had learnt in history. She learnt the different types of bombs they dropped in WWII.
  • Freya told Elijah which pages she enjoyed of his work.
  • Sebastian explained his science learning to Ethan.
  • Kodie showed his progression in writing by showing Josie the amount of writing he’d written (was 3 lines and now 10 lines!).
  • “Spanish has been really hard – that’s why this is my best piece of work because I had to work the hardest.” Chloe Y4
  • “I’m proud of how neat my handwriting has become.” Floyd Y5
  • “I can read his handwriting now – it is much smaller and he’s using punctuation when he wasn’t before.” Leo Y5
  • “We have been doing filtration in science. I am really proud of this work because I used predictions and compared my results.” Connor Y4

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World Mental Health Day 2019


Oak Class had a circle time where they talked about what makes them happy and what makes them sad.

'People when they're kind make me happy'. Charlotte

'Funny things make me happy...I like to laugh!' Wilf


Beech Class looked at a Kandinsky painting and found out how he used colours to express feelings. They then made their own.


In Willow, we spent time exploring what mental health is and found out it was 'looking after your mind as well as your body.' We then thought of ways of looking after our minds and we practised mindful breathing and yoga. We learnt that breathing is really helpful to get rid of negative thoughts and a great way to get our body calm as we learnt that our mind affects our behaviour.


Sycamore Class discussed coping strategies and made matchboxes with coping strategies inside to remind us how we could cope with certain emotions.

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Buddy Time

This week the reception children have had such a great time getting to know their ‘Buddies’ in Year 6. After the initial meeting, the Year 6’s have been finding their new younger friends on the playground and helping them around the school.

On Friday afternoon, the children were together in Oak Class for a play session and then the older children helped the reception children to read their books and enjoyed the responsibility of writing in the reading record book!

This group of Year 6 children were one of the best teams of Buddies that we have ever seen at Chiddingly. It was a pleasure to see such responsible and kind children making our youngest pupils feel so happy.

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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day was held on Monday 4th February and was an overwhelming success! The company ‘Perform For Schools’ who came in to hold the workshops for KS1 and KS2 delivered an excellent range of drama-based activities in which the children learnt engaging ways to remember how to keep safe online. They learnt a rap about how to ‘Zip It, Block It, Flag It’! They learnt about cyber bullying and what this looked like and then did freeze-frames to dramatise this. The children also had questions answered about some of their own experiences online.

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China International Week

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy New Year! This week we have enjoyed learning all about China in our afternoon sessions. This was linked to the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Each class has taken part in a range of learning, linked to China. Throughout the school, children have been preparing and tasting Chinese foods. Sycamore Class created some very tasty vegetable spring rolls that they shared with their parents and teachers.

There was lots of Geography taking place, learning about where China is located. Willow class learnt how to write Chinese symbols and presented their work beautifully, as well as learning about the giving of red envelopes with money as a New Year gift.

As 2018 is the ‘Year of the Dog’, Beech Class designed and created their own dog masks. Oak Class enjoyed using ‘Google Translate’ to learn how to say some Chinese words as well as making their own Chinese Lanterns and writing detailed instructions to explain how to do this.

Many thanks to all of the staff for planning such exciting activities for the children and to all of the parents and carers for coming into our celebration of work at the end of the day.

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Mexico Day

This week, we have enjoyed our latest International Day, learning about Mexico. Oak and Beech Classes joined together and Willow and Sycamore also worked together to learn about different aspects of life and culture in Mexico.

During the day, the younger children made traditional Mexican paper flower art and decorated their own sombreros and ponchos. They also used Google Earth to find Mexico and talk about what the weather might be like there by looking at the land. Alongside this, there were a selection of Mexican foods for the children to taste and then describe. There were lots of different opinions on which was the tastiest!

In Key Stage Two, the groups carried out work about the Day of the Dead Celebration and designed some pieces of art. They also developed their culinary skills by making their own guacamole and salsa which they ate with Nachos! Factfiles were also completed following research online.
It was great to see the learning that took place during the day and good to listen to the children sharing their opinions on the different activities that they tried.

“I loved making the giant Mexico flag with the paper,” said Sienna Rose.

“I really liked trying the foods. I loved the Mango and the two sauces but I didn’t like refried beans. The inside tasted weird!”


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International Link Day

On Monday 20th February, the Pioneer Federation celebrated their second International Day of the year with a focus on the country of Syria.

With so much attention being on Syria in the media at present, it was really lovely to learn about the country from its people. We were very lucky to have some visitors from the Syrian community, who spent the day with us.

Each class got to spend some time listening to Syrian music and also enjoyed listening to the Syrian children singing some of their traditional songs. They were so brave to stand up in front of all of us! The group then shared some Syrian dance moves and we all joined in with this!

Alongside this, each class took part in their own learning about different aspects of Syrian culture. Oak Class very much enjoyed tasting some middle eastern foods. Beech Class looked at Syrian Art and then created some of their own images. Willow Class made the school smell amazing by preparing and serving their own Syrian style salads and sharing them with the visitors to our end of day celebration. Sycamore Class really impressed the adults by joining in with the dancing and chatting so openly with the visiting children, sharing their own songs and some interesting moves! They then learnt about the Islamic religion and told us all about the ‘Five Pillars of Islam’ and created some posters about this.

It was wonderful to watch the enthusiasm and share the learning in the celebration assembly at the end of the day. Many thanks also to so many of our parents and carers for coming to share this with us.

Thanks also to Tom Serpell from the ‘Village of Sanctuary’ charity who inspired us to hold this day and used his contacts to arrange our visitors. Also thanks to Nadine Strasman from the Sussex Syrian group for her role in the organisation.

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Chinese New Year

Sycamore spent Friday 27th January celebrating Chinese New Year, furthering our learning based on our topic of the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China. We looked at how different cultures celebrated Chinese New Year around the world and then spent the morning doing activities. We split into our year groups and, spent half the morning creating crafts (like Chinese lanterns, fortune tellers and Chinese zodiac posters) and the other half preparing and cooking an amazing vegetable stir-fry! We then tried our best to eat the food with chop sticks…but it wasn’t very successful and most of us ended up eating with our hands!

In the afternoon, we picked a name out of the hat of someone in our class and we made traditional ‘money’ wallets and put sweets in them to give out at the end of the day. We didn’t know who had made our envelope until the very end of the day when we couldn’t keep the secret any longer!

Thank you to Mr Dowling, who came in to help for the morning and brought us some much needed supplies of red and yellow card!


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India Day

On the 20th October Chiddingly and East Hoathly Schools celebrated their first International Day with a focus on India. We enjoyed many activities in our classes, learning about the country and widening our experience of other cultures. We were very grateful to Mrs Fox  who visited us and shared her experiences and photos from her charity visit to India. All of us learnt about how life in India is very different and enjoyed the interesting talk.

Activities in classes were really hands on, with food tasting, observing Indian artefacts, painting gods and goddesses and Rangoli Patterns.

In the afternoon, each class had so much fun learning Bollywood Dance routines with the ‘Bollywood Belles’. We really enjoyed performing these to the parents and carers in the special assembly at the end of the day.

Many thanks also to all the parents who brought in items from home to support the learning.

Well done everyone for a fantastic last day of term!

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