Capture the Flag

This week, Sycamore took their learning from their trip to Newhaven Fort into the Forest! They split into groups of 6 or 7 and became their own army troop, with the children taking it in turns to be the commander! They played a version of ‘capture the flag’ and had to use tactics and strategies to ensure their team was the winning one!

Mr Hinder and Mr Ottaway were fantastic helpers to the children when they created bases and encouraged them to think carefully about who was doing what during each round of the game! The children worked brilliantly in their teams and when discussing the rules behind the game, were very grown up in their approach to following the rules.

Next week, instead of Forest School, the children will be completing an art project in their classroom which will be on display outside the classroom. Well done, Sycamore, you are clearly really loving studying WW2!