Big Shells

This week, Willow Class made fire! Mr Ottaway kindly brought in some big shells and the children took it in turns to use the steels to light some cotton wool to start the fire. Finley was an expert helper and was determined to help the others achieve their goal. Then the children had great fun roasting marshmallows and making ‘sandwiches’ using chocolate biscuits! There were lots of messy hands and faces by the end! The children were so careful around the fire and showed just how responsible they can be – well done!

While the children were waiting to roast marshmallows, they explored the woods to find leaves and other items to create some art work. They used googly eyes to bring their characters to life and were very creative! Then, to help the children warm up, Mrs Filkin and Mrs Ursell created a great game where they had to work together as a team to guide a blindfolded person!
Well done, Willow Class – you were fantastic!