Autumn Walk

On Wednesday 9th November, Oak class had their first ever Forest School session! The children were so excited to get into the forest and splash through huge muddy puddles on the way in. We went for an autumn walk in the forest to look at the beautiful colours and saw how many different toadstools we could spot. The forest was full of leaves of different colours and the children chose their favourite ones to bring back to school to create a picture.

This week, Oak class had their first pond dipping session! We spoke about what kinds of creatures we might find and talked about animals that might come to live in our pond later in the year – like frogspawn and newts.

The children were very brave at holding some of the creatures they found and were great helpers at cleaning out all the leaves that had fallen in!

Archie P said it had been his best afternoon so far because he got to help his friends search for funny creatures!

Stanley said that at first, he was a bit scared of the water boatmen that he caught but in the end he knew they weren’t scary!

Huge thank you to the parents for coming in to help – your support is so appreciated and we couldn’t do it without you!