Anti-bullying Week 2019

Oak Class

Oak Class discussed what it means to be kind and how we show kindness to everyone around us. We discussed how our friends in our class are kind to us and the things that we do to include others.

We then created a ‘Kindness Heart’ as a class where we made an agreement to always be kind to each other. We chose a colour to paint our hand and then printed it onto the heart. We displayed it in our class so everyone can see that we think it’s important.

Beech Class

Beech Class watched a short Pixar animation ‘The Birds’ where a group of small birds tease and pick on a bigger bird. We discussed what unkind behaviours we saw in the film and used it to discuss what hurtful things the small birds did, and what they might have said to the big bird if they could talk. We then did an activity to show how hurtful words cannot be taken back and the effect that they have on someone can be long-lasting.

We also looked at some scenarios together as a class and discussed whether we thought they were bullying or not. In groups, we came up with solutions of what we could all do to help make the situations better.

Lastly, we created anti-bullying superheroes to show what changes we can all make to help stop bullying.

Willow Class

Willow Class focused on the kinds of words and the type of behaviour they would and wouldn’t like to hear. They shared and discussed their thoughts during PSHE circle time. We have created a rainbow of kind words and actions for display in our classroom.

Sycamore Class

For Anti-bullying week, Sycamore Class have learnt about and discussed this year’s slogan of ‘Change starts with us’ and how small changes make huge differences. We also focused in on the types of bullying and in particular cyber-bullying; the types of online bullying, recognising online bullying, the consequences and how to deal with it. Ending with the