PALs Assembly

On Monday, we held our termly PALs assembly (Progress and Learning) where we celebrated all of the fantastic learning which has taken place in Term 1. The children really enjoyed sitting with their friends in other classes and sharing their achievements. One of the wonderful things about this assembly is seeing children beam with pride when one of their peers recognised how their learning and skills had moved forward. It was great to listen in to the conversations that the children were having. We also recognised that the hundreds of books that began the term with empty pages, were now filled with a vast amount of learning experiences. Well done Team Chiddingly!

  • Olly could identify great writing — he is now using exclamation marks!
  • Lacey reflected on the objectives she had learnt in history. She learnt the different types of bombs they dropped in WWII.
  • Freya told Elijah which pages she enjoyed of his work.
  • Sebastian explained his science learning to Ethan.
  • Kodie showed his progression in writing by showing Josie the amount of writing he’d written (was 3 lines and now 10 lines!).
  • “Spanish has been really hard – that’s why this is my best piece of work because I had to work the hardest.” Chloe Y4
  • “I’m proud of how neat my handwriting has become.” Floyd Y5
  • “I can read his handwriting now – it is much smaller and he’s using punctuation when he wasn’t before.” Leo Y5
  • “We have been doing filtration in science. I am really proud of this work because I used predictions and compared my results.” Connor Y4