-4 degrees

Beech Class had their first Forest School session for the year on Thursday and it was a cold one! The temperature was -4 degrees (!) when they first went out but they had wrapped up warm and got running around to warm them up!

In groups, the children went pond dipping. Mr Hinder and Mr Ottoway had to smash the ice covering the pond before we could do anything! The children had a great time fishing under the ice and managed to catch two frogs – one of which was pregnant! They really enjoyed making ice sculptures out of the ice they had ‘caught’ but it meant they had very cold hands!

While they weren’t pond dipping, the children created their own Stick Men and used leaves and raffia to decorate them.

Next week, we hope to be able to go to the forest so if any parents are free to come and help, we would love to have you! Well done Beech Class – you were fantastically behaved!