Dream Catchers & Boomsticks

This week, Sycamore were able to spend the whole afternoon in the Forest as the weather was much better! The children were keen to finish their wands which they begun last week and so we took the clay and tools to the forest and the children spent a long time creating and improving their original designs.

Some children then made dream catchers and some others were keen to carry on the Harry Potter theme and made broomsticks! Apologies to any parents who now have these broomsticks at home..! Jorin, Kye, Simon, Lil and Georg decided they wanted to build a dam for the stream so spent a long time piling up sticks and leaves to see whether they could change the water levels either side. Sycamore’s favourite game to play in the forest is hide and seek, so, to finish the afternoon, they played a few rounds of it and found genius places to hide, making Miss Hare and Mrs Filkin jump when they sprung up out of nowhere! Thank you to Mrs Barnett and Mr Hinder who kindly gave up their afternoon to come and help! It is so appreciated.

Well done for really excellent behaviour, Sycamore!